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Dog Weddings: And the Bride Wore Fur


Dog weddings and pets at people weddings is a growing trend. Blogger Nikki Moustaki gives an insiders scoop to the world of puppy nuptuals.

I have been to more dog weddings, or, puptuals, than I have human weddings. I think that says more about my friends than it does about me, but I don’t like to think too deeply about these things. I might scare myself.

People outside of the dog community think that having a dog wedding is absolute madness. I’ll admit, it does make us seem a bit insane, or at least quite out of touch with reality. And it brings up a lot of funny questions: Where do the dogs go on their honeymoon? Do they get gifts? Do they consummate the marriage? that Last one is kind of crepy.

What the uninitiated don’t understand is that we, the dog community (and I hope I can speak for everyone here) do not really believe that these dogs are getting married, nor do we believe that the dogs know what’s going on. We just need a reason to have a party, and what better way to do that than with a ceremony that requires us to dress up our pets? It’s all in fun, and generally it’s for a good cause, such as to raise money for a dog charity.

The most recent dog wedding I attended was perhaps the most unusual. The theme was “Arabian Nights,” hosted by my friends, New York City doggie designers Ada Nieves and Roberto Negrin, and PR princess Dana Humphrey. Imagine a bunch of Yorkies and Chihuahuas dressed up as I Dream of Jeannie, all there to raise funds for the dog rescue group, Inky Blue Sea.

What really impressed me was how edgy the event was. When it came time for the wedding, the groom appeared, a giant, furry Leonberger in a tuxedo, and then the bride appeared, a small mixed breed. Then the next bride, a Pomeranian, then the next, a Shih Tzu, and then another one, a Boxer. There were seven brides in total. What a lucky dog! My mutt Pearl was not asked to be a bride, much to her consternation. Always a bridesmaid, Pearl. Sigh.

The illustrious dog mom of New York City, Karen Biehl, officiated the ceremony, along with her Chihuahua, Eli. This is at least the third dog wedding I have attended where Karen has given the vows. She’s so good, if I ever get married, I would consider having her and Eli officiate my wedding. Pearl, you’d be a bridesmaid again, sorry my dear poochie.

Having dogs at human weddings is on the rise, too, so we’re not the only nutty ones. Writer Sandy Robins wrote an article about including dogs in human weddings, and gives tips on how to dress and accessorize for the special occasion. It seems that when you’re crazy about your dog, you will risk looking crazy to have him participate on your special day. By “your,” I mean me, of course.

If you want to know how to dress if you’re ever invited to a dog wedding, most puptuals I have attended featured matching mom/dog or dad/dog outfits. The more over-the-top, the better. Think: Halloween party, but in June. And don’t worry – your dog can wear white to a dog wedding. The bride won’t know to be insulted. I have yet to get it together in time to make a really great outfit for a dog wedding, but I’m determined to win the requisite costume contest someday. A girl can dream.

Have you ever been to a dog wedding? Was it fun? And even more important – would you ever let your dog get married?

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