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Wheat Free Dog Treats – A Better Alternative


A lot of dog owners are still surprised by the fact that wheat based products can cause food allergies in dogs. This seemingly safe ingredient is generally added to most dog treats to enhance appearance and for preservation purposes. But what’s the big deal with wheat? As a dog owner, you wouldn’t want to learn by experience. As early as possible, it is advised to switch to wheat free dog treats. Wheat can lead to a lot of illnesses for your dogs and it is ironic that the concept of wheat free products is not being observed by most companies and providers of dog treats.

Wheat allergies in dogs can be very frustrating especially if most of the symptoms show up on your beloved pet. The signs that you should be looking for to check if you furry friend has a wheat allergy includes: itchy skin, dull coat, ear inflammation, diarrhea, vomiting, flatulence, respiratory problems leading to asthma, seizures, anal infections, and behavioral changes such as shaking of head, licking of paws, rubbing of face, and similar signs. A lot of dog owners take these signs for granted and wouldn’t want to check if the dog treats they provide could be the ones causing the issue. Most of them would doubt food allergies simply because they have been providing the same dog treats for a long period of time. But the thing is… dog allergies don’t manifest right away and it takes some time before wheat allergies show up. This has been proven by some experts through exclusion diet using wheat free dog treats.

As early as possible, it is very important to choose products that provide more than just proper nourishment to your dog. Treats that can both help ensure nutrition and avoid potential diseases are better since prevention is better (and most of the time cheaper) than cure. Organic dog treats should also be at the top of your list and while they are often considered as the overpriced versions of traditional dog treats, nothing can be more expensive than what you might spend from veterinary services due to dog diseases.

It is not hard to find wheat free dog treats. Reliable dog bakeries such as Terra dog bakery can certainly provide what you need for your dogs. They offer alternatives to wheat based products and your dogs will not notice the difference. With wheat free dog treats, you can provide what your dogs really love, without the guilt.

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