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Why Doesn’t My Dog Eat Without Me?

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One of our DogisDog readers desires to understand why her dog won’t eat once he can’t see his human. She writes:

Dear Labby,

My dog loves his food and is sometimes an excellent eater, however as presently as I leave the space, he goes on a fasting. Most days this isn’t a tangle as a result of I provide him food whereas I’m intake breakfast or dinner, and he’ll simply with happiness erode identical time whereas I sit within the room.

But typically my pup needs to pay time at his grandma’s house whereas I’m out of city, or a critter sitter can have to be compelled to feed him once I can’t be aim time for dinner. He’ll refuse to eat. Not solely will it hurt his grandma’s feelings, however I’m positive he’s additionally going hungry.

Why won’t he eat if I’m not around? am i able to do one thing to form him more well-off intake while not me? Is there one thing his critter sitter ought to do to form him eat? Please help!


When intake, Isolated Rover Denies Dinner Interest anytime

Dear Labby Has The Answer!

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Dear W.E.I.R.D. D.I.E.T.,

Most dogs like to eat, therefore it are often regarding after they attempt to persist Associate in Nursing surprising diet for unknown reasons.

It’s particularly worrisome after you apprehend that your dog is often only too wanting to bolt down food as quick as you’ll be able to place it down. Why would your pup want you to be gift for them to eat if they’re given identical food within the same bowl that they invariably get?

Well, there square measure a couple of reasons your pup might refuse to eat once you’re not around, and you’ll be able to do some things to assist get them to feast whereas you’re isolated.

Maybe He’s Missing You

One reason your pup might not be willing to eat while not you is that he’s accustomed you being there throughout time for dinner. Dogs square measure social animals, and he might even see intake as a event wherever you share some time and bond.

This happens within the wild, too, once dogs learn to eat with their pack. It provides a way of sociability and safety.

If this can be the case, you must begin making an attempt to coach your dog to feel snug intake once you’re not around.

Start by standing within the door of the space whereas he’s intake. step by step back out of the space and out of sight for a couple of seconds at a time, then return in. you will wish to place a treat in your dog’s bowl after you return to distract him.

Continue this method, staying out of the space for extended periods of your time till your dog feels snug. it’ll take a short while to coach your dog this fashion, however keep at it till he’s snug intake a full meal whereas you’re out of sight.

Maybe He’s On Watchdog Duty

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Another reason your dog could also be uncomfortable intake while not you is that he feels the requirement to shield the house whereas you’re gone, which are often a supply of stress.

Many dogs square measure territorial, and once you’re not around, all of the watchdog duty falls on them. they could feel a way of impending danger, and each odd noise, sight, or smell will place them nervy, creating it troublesome for them to let their guard down enough to eat.

One way to assist your dog during this scenario is to form the surroundings feel safer and additional protected. Draw the curtains closed, put off something that creates noise like televisions and radios, and ensure their surroundings is as free from exciting stimulation as potential.

You might additionally strive an extended walk or vigorous play session before you allow to alleviate a number of the nervous energy.

Maybe He’s Anxious

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One of the foremost common reasons dogs don’t eat while not their humans is separation anxiety. This primarily implies that your dog depends on your presence and doesn’t feel snug while not you around.

Dogs expertise separation anxiety severally, and it will manifest in numerous ways that. Some dogs truly eat additional, as change of state will typically be a style of stress relief. alternative dogs solely erode sure times, and a few refuse to erode all till their humans have came.

Separation anxiety is incredibly difficult to take care of. There square measure a couple of stuff you will do to cut back separation anxiety, like travail to cut back anxious energy, giving your dog sure foods or supplements that encourage relaxation, or victimization medication in some cases.

Before you create choices on the way to handle your dog’s separation anxiety, you must consult your veterinary or an expert behaviorist. several dogs that suffer from separation anxiety take years to recover, and a few don’t answer any efforts to cut back symptoms in the least.

But before you lose hope, see an expert and skim au fait techniques to cut back separation anxiety. Your dog might respond well to treatment and step by step become more well-off once you’re not around.

Keep At It!

So, W.E.I.R.D. D.I.E.T., hopefully you’ll be able to take steps to form positive your dog is happy to gobble his dinner once you’re not the one serving it. it’s going to take it slow, treatment, and coaching, however it’ll be well worth the effort once grannie calls you to inform you what a decent very little eater your pooch is.

Let’s simply hope you aren’t too made, or your pup may eat everything in sight!

Does your dog refuse to eat once you’re not around? What does one do to assist them? allow us to apprehend within the comments below and leave your queries for pricey Labby!

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